Our online approach comes from our experience in Caledon - meaning we want you to have the same great advice, service and support online that you would receive if you walked into our agency. Essentially, we want to offer customers the most interesting and inspiring travel offers that we can.
We believe in earning our customer's loyalty and we believe in keeping our customers for life! It goes without saying that our prices are competitive, they have to be. But what we also offer is the security of an experienced agent backing up your bookings, giving you advice and being your advocate should something unfortunate happen while traveling.
Lastly, you should know a little about our philosophy as a company. To us, travel is not just a commodity to be sold; we believe that travel is transformative. By traveling to other parts of the world, we all gain a better understanding of the human condition, ecology, geography, world religions, language, customs and cuisine. It becomes the basis of well-worn stories and well-rounded human beings. It gives us great pride to be able to be part of this process with you and we look forward to a long lasting relationship!

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